Tuesday, 21 February 2017


We humans always long to improve ourselves, especially trying to add to the part of our bodies or life which we feel is incomplete. For some persons, it could be that of looking forward to boob increase. Well, if you are looking for ways to perk your breasts up, want to increase your boobs without taking any breast enhancement pills or some kind of beauty products, there is no cause for alarm because you are not alone. Therefore, you can perk up your boobs with these four exercises below;

1. Use of Dip Bars for Happier Busts:
This exercise will need bars. Thus, if you don’t have any bars, then you can register with a local gym. They are sure to have a pull-up bar. Chip dips can be difficult, but if you continue with it on daily basis, you will begin to find it easy. To get started, position your exercise dip bar well. Then hold it firmly with your two hands. Try to pull yourself up so that your chest touches the bar. Lower yourself down, maintaining the initial upright position.
Dip Bars
2. Wall push-ups:
This is performed in a similar manner with the conventional push-ups. Face your wall standing upright with your two feet. You should place your two hands on the wall and move back until your hands are straight with the palms placed on the wall. The hands should be parallel to the floor and be at the chest level.
Wall push ups
3. Elevated Push-ups:
Also, this is a variation of push up that is very effective. It is more difficult and energy consuming than some other variations of push-ups, as it requires a bench. You can also do it on a step. In this variation of push up, your palms will be on the floor while your feet will be on the bench or step. Maintain balance with the hands keep it straight with the palms being parallel with the floor. Now lower yourself and come as low as possible. Then raise yourself up again bearing the weight with your hands.
Elevated push ups
4. Chest Flyers:
To do this, lie down flat on the mat or on the bench. Keep your knees bent with your two feet stamped firmly on the floor. Ensure that your legs, including feet, knees and thighs, are together. If you maintain a good position, then your knee should point upward. With this exercise, you will not only define your breasts but also tone and strengthen the pectoral muscles. Get your exercise mat or bench and two dumbbells weights, stare at the ceiling as you take three deep breaths in order to get your body relaxed before lifting, carry each of the dumbbells with each hand. Your elbow should be bent but a little bit spread so that a large angle will be formed. Bring the dumbbells back together over the chest as you exhale.

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