Monday, 20 February 2017

Break A Girls Heart And Your £100k Range Rover Becomes Like These - Photos

The owner of a high-performance custom Range Rover, in Richmond, south London, seem to be a victim of a lover's heartbreak.

The yet to be identified car owner stepped out of his house to see 'cheater', 'heart-breaker' and 'rot in hell' visibly painted on his £100k car.
This same brand of car, was used for publicity stunt almost one year ago, outside Harrods in

The car also had the words 'cheater – it’s over' and 'hope she was worth it' gratified on it.

A red paint was also used on the white diesel Range Rover Vogue outside the store in Basil Street, in May last year, with hundreds of people gathering to take pictures of the car, which turned out to be a publicity stunt.

But the question on everyone's lips now is, is this also a publicity stunt?

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