Sunday, 19 February 2017

Day 27: Kissing turns to so much more

While the Housemates were getting up to all sorts of naughty antics un the party room, Biggie's ninjas snuck in and took away all the pre-party drinks including everything Bally had attempted to stash. He and Marvis were furious and immediately lamented that there'd be no truth or dare. Anger soon turned to sorrow as Bally started pleading with Biggie to change his mind to no avail.
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While everyone was losing their cool over the missing drinks ThinTallTony and Bisola snuck upstairs and slipped under the covers to finish off what they'd started in the party room. They still had their mics on and TTT whispered all manner of dirty talk to Bisola in between before having a change of heart and suggesting they both stop what they were doing.

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TBoss wanted to see a little more of Jon and suggested they head out to the jacuzzi but it wasn't long before everyone else joined them including TTT and Bisola who immediately picked up where they'd left off. Debie-Rise sat next to Jon kicking her feet in the air and flirting but he seemed a little too drunk to reciprocrate her davances. Things had just started picking up when Biggie asked them all to return to the House to everyone's disappointment.
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The Housemates consoled themselves by playing "Confession, Confession" in the kitchen. What followed was a series of absolutely shocking revelations about all the nasty things they wanted to do to each other. TTT and Bisola kept flirting back and forth and the game ended when TTT announced that it was time for him and his lady to go get busy upstairs.

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