Friday, 17 February 2017

Donald Trump's Young Daughter Humiliated At Paris Fashion Week

Tiffany Trump cut a lonely figure on the front row at New York Fashion Week.

Donald Trump's children have been at the receiving end of a lot of bullying lately due to the unpopularity of their father, the president.

Tiffany Trump was the latest Trump offsprings to be treated poorly. 

Tifanny was reportedly left to sit on her own on the front row seat reserved for her at the Paris fashion Week. She was reserved a prestigious place on the front row – but she found herself sitting alone.

Fashion writer Christina Binkley who took to Twitter to share the story claimed that “nobody” wanted to sit next to the controversial President’s daughter. And asides the fact that nobody wanted to sit with her, two fashion editors actually "moved” seats to avoid being next to the 23 year old.

A few people though came to Tiffany's rescue saying it was not right to transfer the hatred people felt for Trump to his daughter.

Philipp Plein, the designer who threw the show, also came to Tiffany's defense and said what was done to Tifanny was hateful and disrespectful.

“Tiffany Trump is not a politician, she’s a teenager,” Philipp Plein told TMZ .

“Can you blame a daughter for having a father who has the wrong political direction for some people? I’m not here to judge I just think it’s not right to treat someone without respect because she is the daughter of somebody don’t like.”

Ivanka Trump is also being snubbed as well. So many stores have dropped her brand from their stores.

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