Friday, 17 February 2017

I Stabbed Him Twice And Saw A Piece Of Intestine In My Hand - Wife Who Disemboweled Abusive Ex-Husband

A woman who stabbed her abusive ex-husband twice during sex and ended up with his intestines in her hands has walked free from court.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took just two hours to clear Dalya Saeed of attempted murder and wounding with intent after she claimed it was self defence. 

The 35-year-old, who told the court Bilal Miah, 31, wanted to kill her, burst into tears when the jury set her free.

The couple had met at her home after their divorce to discuss custody of their daughter and Mr Miah said they had consensual sex. 

Mrs Saeed, whose ex-husband only avoided deportation because they have a child, said he raped her so she stabbed him twice in the stomach. 

She said:

 ‘I saw a piece of intestine in my hand. I threw it on the floor and at that point I saw Bilal's intestines fall out.'

Mr Miah had met Ms Saeed when they worked in a restaurant, they married, had a daughter together but split up in 2013 and he had remarried after their divorce.

Taxi driver Mr Miah said that on October 19, 2015, his ex-wife had phoned him and asked him to come to her home in Moseley, to discuss their daughter.

He said they had consensual sex but had then argued, the court heard.

They then started to have sex again but she suddenly stabbed him twice in the stomach before taking hold of his intestines and pulling them, jurors heard.

Ms Saeed disagreed with his version of events and said in her evidence that she had acted in self-defence.
'I fully believed it was going to be my final night,' she said. 'I was just looking for something to cut. I stabbed him twice.'

She said she fled to a storage area and that Mr Miah had attacked her with a wooden stick.

'I put my hand up in order to stop him and touched his body,' she added.

'Then I saw a piece of intestine in my hand. I threw it on the floor and at that point I saw Bilal's intestines fall out.'

He managed to get out of the flat but she continued the attack in the street, the court heard.

Ms Saeed said she had pursued him outside to make sure he did not come back. 

He was only discovered in a nearby doorway at 3am when neighbours heard his screams and called police. 

Prosecutor Adam Western told the jury: 'The cuts were so severe part of his small bowel ended up on the carpet.

'She caused his injuries. Her intention was nothing less than to kill him.'

The court heard Saeed told police she attacked her ex-husband in self-defence after he raped her.

During cross-examination by her barrister Patrick Upward QC Mr Miah accepted he had been physically and verbally abusive towards her during their two-year Islamic marriage.

The jury also heard both he and Saeed had been at risk of being deported as illegal immigrants.

Mr Miah came to the UK in 2010 on a student visa but was classed as illegal because he had dropped out of college and Iraqi Kurd Saeed was only granted asylum in 2012.

The court heard Mr Miah spent four months in a detention centre in 2012 but was allowed to stay because he has a child in the UK.

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