Friday, 17 February 2017

Robber Shot On The Head By His Gang Members at Ijora Badia, Lagos State (Graphic)

A notorious teenage robber has met his untimely death after his head was slashed open by a member of his gang. The man it was gathered had stolen a woman's accessories and refused to release it before the incident that led to his death happened. An eyewitness wrote: "This happened in my area today in Ijora Badia Lagos, The group of gang which their name is (Akamaye boys) earlier today robbed a woman who lodged in a hotel around the area they stole her Gold, money and phones.

 "This guy in picture which his name is Abeeb but he is popularly known as (Small-Messi) refuse to release the stolen accessories, that was how the pandemonium started between this group of gang the young boy was shot by one is gang during the fight."


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