Monday, 13 March 2017

Any female celebrity that wants to marry me must first go for a psychiatric evaluation-Uche Maduagwu

Uche Maduagwu's write-ups are getting more interesting by the day.Apart from being close friends with all the actresses and having their numbers,he seems to contradict himself often...Read his latest write-up below

Any female Nigerian celebrity that wants me to marry her must first go for a psychiatric evaluation...🔬🌡💉 Yes, because the rate at which some of our female celebrities end their marriages calls for concern!👰🏽👰🏽👰🏽 I don't know why some people dump their marriages like bathroom slippers... Its just so sad and pathetic! Just because you had a little misunderstanding with your partner doesn't mean you should walk out of your marriage dear...🏃🏽♀🏃🏽♀ What happend to the very act of forgiveness? Is that not what love is all about?💟 And thats if some of you married for love and not for material benefits..💰💰💵. Is there anything too difficult that can't be resolved? Marriage is for better or for worse... The very moment you say "I do' on that alter🏥, that's all, no more turning back dear, nobody says its going to be rosy, nobody says there won't be ups and downs, no, but the beauty of marriage is the ability of the two parties to always find ways in resolving their issues... But when people start washing their dirty linens in public, it means "water don pass Garri". I am standing on my words, and I don't care what haters say, I have turned down like four popular Nollywood actresses who wants me to settle down with them💍, and that's because I insisted they go for a psychiatric test if am to consider marrying them! I know some people will disagree with me on this, but my dear, prevention is better than cure oh...shine your eyes!!!! Love is not stupidity dear. 

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