Thursday, 30 March 2017

BBNaija -Tboss Shades Efe During Gossip Session

Hey do not get me wrong....The housemates,all six of them have become die hard gossips but this one caught some Internet attention Yesterday....

So during a gossip session talk with serial talker Debie Rise Tboss says Efe is only down to earth because he is Pisces and hasnt been exposed to a lot of things....Ouch!

Well she may be right but the fact remains that Efe is who he is.....cant say same for the other five...*side eyes*

Why do I keep getting this feeling that 'Big brother' has a special relationship with Tboss?Could it be that she is a fake housemate that will be revealed later?

These are my thoughts when i watch them in the house...Even Big brother's voice softens when talks to her and her countenance in the dairy room is suspect....

So like i said the six deserve an award for gossip like i have never seen before.....but hey come on,don't we all gossip?
Don't get me wrong,I love to gossip,I love Gossips and I love the controversial different personalities of the remaining 6'Men' standing in the big brother house..

I cannot end today's post without saying that Marvis and Debis Rise are kinda Irritants...Marvis and her lip chewing and Debie talks too much...GOSH!

Now to those who will come here to cuss me out for saying it as it is..why are you taking this so personal?Its a show and it will end soon..All six will go home and will not remember you but I will...LOL

Did I just push you to anger?Pele!

That Money belongs to Efe or Bisola..#WORD.

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