Thursday, 16 March 2017

MoneyGram strengthens compliance, anti-fraud plans

MoneyGram strengthens compliance, anti-fraud plans

MoneyGram has said its pursuit of global compliance standards, as well as ensuring a fraud proof transaction, is a deliberate effort to stay atop international money transfer arena.
The move is also part of the company’s continuous commitment to develop best-in-class compliance solutions and protect customers using its money transfer services around the globe.

The company made the disclosure at its regional compliance conference in Lagos, hosted by its Chief Compliance Officer, Andres Villareal.
The Head of Anglophone Africa, Kemi Okusanya, said: “MoneyGram continues to advance its leadership in global compliance and consumer fraud protection by implementing market-leading systems, technology and processes, and also by agents’ training around the world”, said
“At MoneyGram we believe that compliance is everyone’s responsibility, and our agents serve as the first line of defense. With the support of our agents MoneyGram’s goal of building a world-class compliance and anti-fraud platform is made easier.”
Among attendees were representatives of Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission, as well as and key agents from West Africa region.
During the two-day conference, MoneyGram experts representing various offices delivered several presentations covering fraud detection, prevention and management; cyber fraud and the changing landscape of compliance in Africa and globally in the digital era.

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