Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rapper TI puts President Donald Trump on blast for disrespecting Snoop Dogg

TI has come to the defense of fellow rapper, Snoop Dogg following a tweet from America’s President, Donald Trump insinuating that Snoop Dogg has a failing career. In an Instagram post, he shared a screenshot of Trump’s tweet and said:

@snoopdogg is a F*ckin Legend u F*cking Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig wearing, Alternative fact,Atomic Dog diarrhea face a** man!!!! Leave our legends names out ya f*ckin old a** puppy piss smelling a** mouth & continue to focus on dividing minorities,building barriers, alienating immigrants, &f*ckin this country up like u been doin….#UWannaBeDictator#PresidentialLevelFuckBoy
See the post below:

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