Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sexy 20 Years Old Girl Used Stolen Credit Card For Bosom and Bumbum Implants - Photos

Police outside of Tampa, Florida, are asking for help finding a lady who’s on the run. She’s accused of stealing someone’s identity and then using fake credit cards to get Bosom  implants and a butt lift.

Florida law enforcement reveal that Nyaira Thomas, aged 20, stole the identity of a woman in Illinois.

She allegedly had fake credit cards made up with the victim’s identity and went on a shopping spree for Bosom  and butt implants.

According to police, Nyaira underwent Bosom  implant surgery and liposuction treatment for her buttocks, using the fake credit card on February 20.

The cost for the procedures was $10,495.

Then, on February 27, Thomas went back to the clinic to get a Juvederm injection in her lips at a cost of $530.

Nyaira is charged with criminal use of personal ID, forgery and grand theft over $10,000.

Here are a pictures of what she looked like before getting the surgery done,

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