Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Mel B could lose her kids after 'abuse' claims

MEL B and estranged husband Stephen Belafonte could “risk losing their children” as social services probe into their family life following their split.

After Stephen’s Hollywood home was raided by the FBI “looking for guns”, The Daily Star reports that LA Department for Children and Family would have been alerted and may decide to launch a full-scale investigation.

Mel shares 5-year-old daughter Madison with Stephen, while she has Angel, 10, and Phoenix Chi, from previous relationships.

She has stated that she fears for her children’s safety and wants sole custody, as Mel claims that Stephen was “violent” and forced her to take part in threesomes with other women that he would film.

While Stephen denies these claims, they could lead to some tough questioning for Mel as to why she left her children in the custody of a man she alleges is dangerous , and why she didn’t try to leave him earlier.
Court documents state she suffered “emotional and physical abuse… in the presence of the minor child is tantamount to abuse of the minor child.”

She adds: “I have tried to leave the Respondent many times. Every time I tried, the Respondent threatened me with violence.
“He threatened to release sexually explicit videotapes claiming I would never again work in the entertainment industry.”

Meanwhile, the Spice Girl is allegedly set to offer her estranged husband a private island and £5 million in order to settle their headline-grabbing divorce battle.

The reports after it has been claimed Stephen is planning to drag the nanny he allegedly got pregnant into the divorce courts to be a witness against Mel.

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