Friday, 5 May 2017

Dabota Lawson's Shares Her View On Toxic Relationships Amid Celebrity Break-ups

Ex-beauty Queen Dabota Lawson, has taken to her Instagram page to write about toxic relationships, and why people who find themselves in such relationships should walk away. According to the  ex-wife to Billionaire Businessman, Sunny Aku, such relationships filled with abuses end up being destructive, because that’s not what love is about.

Here's what she wrote;

“Love should not feel restrictive. Control, manipulation and obsession aren’t signs of true, passionate love — they are signs that your partner is controlling and manipulative.

These are the signs of a potentially abusive partner, a partner who forces you to dress in a certain way. ….. forbids you from interacting with family or friends. ….. Makes You Feel Guilty When You Spend Time With Your Friends. ….. Criticize Lots Of Small

Things That You Do in such a manipulative way that you don’t even know you’re being controlled . ….. Never allows you any form of privacy".

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