Thursday, 18 May 2017

Discarded Bride Three Days Before Her Wedding Organizes Solo Ceremony

A woman Heart-broken by her boyfriend three days before her wedding has revealed how she was still walking down the aisle. After nine years and two children with his man, the white wedding that Carly Akers had hoped promised to be the best day of his life.

But the bride-to-be, 30, faced the definitive nightmare when she was jilted at the altar. After explaining to the guests that she was not going to marry Shaun (not her real name), after all, She bravely decided to walk up the hall alone. Then, instead of wasting the honeymoon suite paid, she stayed in it with a friend and even went to the honeymoon alone.

After going to the reception, she then spent the wedding night in the bridal suite accompanied by a girlfriend.

She says: "Shaun claims I cheated with someone three years ago but that’s nonsense. "He is now with someone new but I feel we could have worked things out. I am getting on with life for the sake of my girls. But I won’t ever get over the pain and humiliation of being jilted at my wedding."

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