Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I Can't Contest For Presidency Because I am Igbo - Nnamdi Kanu Laments

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According to Aljazeera when asked if he is worried that he will get in trouble with the Nigerian authorities to talk to Al Jazeera leader Biafran said, "I do not care", and rolled his eyes.

Kanu continued like this; "I can not go to call a press conference.I can not go to Biafra Radio to broadcast.I can not allow large [groups of] people to gather basically outside to see me ... it's like asking me not to breathe," Frustrations with Nigeria, Kanu said: "I can not compete for the presidency of Nigeria because I am Igbo.

I am not allowed to aspire to be the inspector general of police because I am Igbo.I am not allowed to be head of the army because I am Igbo.- ¿ What kind of stupid country is that? "Kanu asks." Why would any idiot want me to be in that kind of country? "

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