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In Tune with Ed, Jon & Nonso (Complete Fashion Online )

Young, gritty and capable; these resolute musketeers of their era are more than a breath of fresh air, giving us an escape from the norm through their individual capabilities in music and show biz as a whole.

Catching a glimpse into their past no doubt revealed to us their unusual yet remarkable journeys up until this very moment, getting us in tune with each of them.

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Acquaint with Jon…!

From being the young teenager who walked away with a $100,000 -first place prize in the first ever MNET ‘Glo Naija Sings’ , back in 2009, to being cast as the good-looking young man in the recently concluded BigBrotherNaija Reality TV show( as the fake house mate tasked with the mission to break TBoss’ heart), Jon Ogah has thrilled and stunned the audience to silence with his voice range and now with his playful and open hearted candor.heart, Jon Ogah has thrilled and stunned the audience to silence with his voice range and now with his playful and open hearted candor.

The 25-year-old was brimming over with a barely restrained cheerful demeanor, pulling pranks and drawing laughs from everyone on set with his witty banter. “The longevity of a career is dependent on unmerited favor, hard work and creativity,” he said. Nothing worth having comes easy, and that’s a saying that every successful person has come to appreciate, but he doesn’t feel bad about whatever mistakes he made in his youth. In fact, he appreciates every one of them. “It’s okay to enjoy life, to be adventurous, to experiment, to fail and to learn from it. I want to be remembered as an amazing singer and performer.”

When it comes to fashion, he prides himself on being part hipster and part street style. “To me fashion is a live story in play, stepping out every day allows your audience paint a picture of you. Are you dignified? Desperate? A free spirit? Approachable? Intimidating? Et cetera…”

Jon is determined not to conform to regular dressing rules, because then that would be boring and we know he is anything but. “If I were a fabric, it would be a flaming orange and black silk fabric; I just have this vision of a fiery cape behind me, something airy and freeing.”

Jon perked our interest further when he talked about what outfits he would love to try out in the future. “A kimono, a poncho, a cape and ripped jeans. I have never worn ripped jeans, can you imagine?” No, we can’t Jon, but whatever you do, please don’t put these four pieces together, we had a lot of trouble imagining what that picture would look like.

He is proud, to say the least, that his debut album, ‘Uncle Sam’, is out on ITunes. “Singing chose me, I have a God given talent for it and it’s my passion. If I weren’t a musician, I’d [probably] be a travelling writer.” Who would have guessed that Jon had a bit of the wanderlust in him? His sound is influenced by his favorite 90’s album ‘Ocean Drive’ by lighthouse family, and a singer he believes had the unique ability to interpret a song in its own way. But most importantly, he feels his music is influenced by the stories he is exposed to everyday; the Akara seller, the barracks kid, the broken hearted, the grieving father…

Jon has been critiqued for leaving the entertainment scene for so long without even saying anything, and now with his return to the country, and his guest appearance on BigBrotherNaija, we wanted to know if he was going to come back to his music. “Yeah, I have been in the studio writing and recording music, and I am also expecting new collaborations on the songs. Recently I’ve been working on content for my upcoming website so I’m optimistic.”

Who is Nonso…?

A beautiful storyteller with his writing and singing, on stage he’s a different person, totally in control of everything and everyone. His talent led to taking part in The Voice Nigeria where he gained exposure and was humbled by the opportunity as “yesterday’s achievements are not nearly enough for today’s relevance. And today’s knowledge is not sufficient for tomorrow. So there is a need to stay hungry and ready myself for the next opportunity.”

Choosing to be a singer and actor for Nonso Bassey isn’t farfetched for him; being all about the soul, and of an artistic personal history, he’s inspired by anything and everything from beauty to taking long walks. To him there’s inspiration all around. When talking fashion, his grasp interprets it to be “the art and business of covering…or not covering one’s nakedness. Style, on the other hand, is one’s individual approach to using fashion as a means to express oneself.” With no beauty secret to speak of, his style stays pretty unique, “A little GQ meets Rolling Stones. Classic, laidback, athletic and a little rough around the edges. I’m comfortable in a well-tailored suit or a fitted Tee with ripped jeans and a pair of Brogues or Oxfords; not really a sneakers kinda guy.”As an expressive entertainer, his choice of designers are also rather convoluted and expressive with their craft as well. “T.I Nathan does it for me. I really love his cool aesthetic. But there are other designers that are really doing the darn thing too: Orange Culture, Daltimore, Nathan Cole, EmmyKasbit and Maxivive.”

In a world full of colors and a wide range of fabrics, if he were to be a textile, “I believe I would be purple velvet.” He stated. “Purple is a mix of blue and red: blue because I’m cool and easy, red because if you come for me, well, don’t try it; and velvet because, not everyone knows how to wear velvet. Some people make it look rich, some others don’t. But I will look and feel great on you if you know what to do.”

Nonso is a true artist and would rather be an architect if he wasn’t doing music, “They do God’s work” he specified. It’s been a busy year already for him as he has quite a lot in the going for him; “A movie coming out soon, a primetime series coming on air shortly, An EP I’m currently recording and a few musical features in the works”, he is super excited about his various projects as we are also on the lookout for what supersedes.

Get to know Ed…!

Hailing from the southern part of Nigeria, Akwa ibom state precisely, Edwin Isaac Utere, was born into a family of entertainers which pretty much shaped the course of his career from its initial stages. “I grew up falling in love with soothing sounds, it helped shape my childhood and I wasn’t ready to leave it for any reason so I formed a career out of it” he said. “I play the piano, the flute, the recorder and a bit of the guitar. The urge to create a unique sound was prevalent for me so I had to learn them.”

As he got older, his distinctive aptitude to deliver whole messages without text, through his flute and piano placed emphasis on his dexterity and likeness to his mentor, Yanni. “My inspiration will be nature’s ambience, other genres of music and the presence of light. As long as there is light, I’ll continue creating.” He clarified.

Growing up in a sub-region with a rather peculiar dress sense, Ed Izycs remained impervious to the dynamic fashion and decided to carve a niche of his own. “I wear my turtle necks every single minute”, he revealed, “when I get dressed in the morning, I think of fulfilling the day’s activities, achieving much and my outfit should be a part of that success.” Sticking to his idiosyncrasy has portrayed him as distinct and at the same time reserved; which is not much to wonder for such a multitalented marvel as himself, as all the greatest musical wonders before him had somewhat a peculiarity likened to them alone.

Though he’s not bent on conforming to the custom getup rules, An Agbada, A Scottish Kilt and Kanye’s Collection still stay asterisked on his fashion bucket list. “To me, fashion is looking good and eye catchy but staying extremely comfortable and classy at the same time.”

As a solo artist, Ed Izycs astounding art has placed him on a pedestal, exposing him to more than a few other musicians both internationally and locally. We wanted to know what’s next out of our young maestro’s studio. “A lot of collaborations” he stated; “I’m finally fusing voices within my compositions and they will be released soon. I want to be remembered as that guy that brought a very unique sound to the industry, someone that didn’t go back on his words of carving a niche for himself; also as a source of inspiration to people who want to try new things. Passion paves.”

Three times the talent, three times the charm. It’s without uncertainty, from what we now know, that these artistic prodigies are far from the finish line in their diverse ventures.

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