Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lesbian Woman Raped To Death In South Africa

An open lesbian from Soweto was brutally murdered in a hate crime and accused the day before he started her new job commitments. On Sunday, May 14, 27-year-old half-naked Larato Tambay Moloy, described by activists as "Butch" lesbians, have been found in Naledi Ext. 
This was seen by members of the public in the tall grass in the field near the railway line. his pants and underwear were down and large stones on her.

When she left the house on Saturday, Moloi told her aunt that she would buy her Mother's Day present when she got her payroll. "She's not going to see another mother's day," said Letsike. "The opportunity to take care of each other was taken away." "I am injured because we are sitting here because of the increased incidence of hate crimes in South Africa incident prevention was not prioritized. I think we must face the fact that we are facing a war in the woman's body. ... and some LGBTI persons "Two suspects were arrested and were brought before the Pretoria Pretrial Court on 17 May. Declared guilty and one not guilty. Meanwhile, members of the LGBT community (photo) occupied the court demanding justice

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