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Maid Who Attempts To Kill Her Boss With Rat Poison In Ondo

Image result for See The 14yrs Old Maid Who Attempted To Kill Her Boss With Rat Poison In Ondo (Photos)Image result for See The 14yrs Old Maid Who Attempted To Kill Her Boss With Rat Poison In Ondo (Photos)

A man escaped death by poisoning when his 14-year-old maiden, who was angry for having scolded her the night before, mixed rat poison with her food.

Nasiru Akinlosotu, 63, a former pharmacy operator, had rebuked Mary Akinnifesi last night because she had spilled water in the living room.
The next day, his wife, when she went to work, asked her to prepare beans for dinner and serve her husband. The wife, Sikirat, is an elementary school teacher who owns a store where she goes every day after school. Because of that, she returns home late and Mary mainly takes care of dinner.

That night, Maria, who was still harboring the grudge or the night before, prepared the beans as she was instructed when she goes to serve her master, added rat poison. As fate will have it, as Akinsolotu lifted the spoon with food in it to eat, he noticed an unusual smell and asked Mary what put in it. He said it was just the spices that were added, but as soon as Akinsolotu put the food in his mouth he spat. He raised an alarm and the neighbors joined him to interrogate the girl and she allegedly confessed to have added rat poison to the food. He had lived with the couple for two years and had never shown such behavior.

Speaking to Vanguard, Akinsolotu narrated the incident and described his survival as an act of God.

He said:
“I had even put a spoon of the beans in my mouth and about to swallow it when I discovered  offensive odour and  unpleasant taste from the food. I immediately vomited the beans and called Mary to ask why the beans was smelling in such a manner and the taste  was awful but she claimed she added spice”.
He said her explanation was not convincing so he raised the alarm and invited neighbours.
“It was in the course of interrogation by neighbours that the housemaid confessed that she crushed  the medicine meant for rat that was bought few days ago by my wife and poured it into my own share of the food. She later stated that she decided to add the poison into my food in retaliation for the correction which I made  when she committed an offense in the house. After the confession, I contacted my wife by phone and narrated the incident to her. Upon her arrival in the house, she decided to report the matter at Yaba Divisional Police Station in Ondo town for further investigation into the matter”.
Akinsolotu said he and his family have decided to drop the charges against Mary because she is a relative and they only reported to the police so people can be aware of the activities of some maids.
“Since God has delivered me from death, why should I fight again?  I have left everything to God”.

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