Monday, 15 May 2017

My Zaron Lipstick Pen Experience @zaroncosmetics

Everyone who knows me well would know me to always have something bright on my lips. Today I decided to try out something new [I mean there no is harm in trying] even though I knew some of my friends would say Why did you decide to go nude, a dark girl like you, blah blah blah.
I discovered the Zaron Lipstick Pen on Saturday after my show and I decided to go to the mall to get one or two. I reluctantly bought it but because it was quite cheap so then I just knew one day I would try it.

This morning I did not feel exactly like making up so I just lazily drew my eyebrows and My eyes just caught the pencil in my make up purse. I tried to make a perfect line on my lip and I did..

The Zaron nude pencil I bought made my day.. Everyone I met gushed and gushed about my lips.

The smell is everything in the world. You know when you use something on your lip and you just want to bite your lips at every glance..

Unlike all the other pencils that I have, This Zaron Lipstick Pen did not break, I simply sharpened [because I had to do it over and over again..I am learning my make up skills]

Some people even asked if I used a lip liner and I sincerely just used the Zaron pencil.

This just made my day and I thought to share...

Pls drop your comment and make sure you try it out

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