Friday, 12 May 2017

RACISM!!! Nigerian Student Mourns Her Friend That Was Murdered By Philippines

It's a sad one for one Blessing Chijioke who shared this heartbreaking story on Facebook. 
Read below:
"To my beloved Nigerians..I love you all despite our state difference..since we are all here..I still see you guys as my brothers and sisters..Please when you walk on the street of Philippines watch..there is a new strategy..(sorry to call it out)they want to wipe away BLACKs by hit and run..a sad NeWS.. Our beloved sister was hit by a driver in Baguio on Tuesday. Not even the POSO or PULIS helped her..after thirty minutes it was an Arabian guy who rushed her to the hospital and they heartless driver ran away..please I urge you all to be very careful.The level of RACISM is high. Am ready for any IDIOT who will comment bullshit on this post..better don't Dare me feeling angry..RIP Auntie tope"

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