Saturday, 6 May 2017

Trump Fires White House’s First Female Chief Usher

The Trump administration has fired the White House chief usher the first woman and second African-American to hold the nonpartisan position.

The White House residence staff was that Angella Reid, appointed in 2011 by President Obama, had been canned, without offering an explanation, the Washington Post reported, citing a source.

“We are very grateful for her service and wish her the very best,” a White House official confirmed, declining to provide details. Reid was only the third usher to be booted in more than a century and the first since then-first lady Hillary Clinton canned an usher in 1994 for supposed disloyalty.

White House ushers are on duty 24/7, taking care of the first family’s needs and overseeing the staff, including chefs, florists, maids, butlers, chefs, carpenters and other workers who take care of the presidential residence.

The chief usher in particular works closely with the president and his family.

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