Monday, 22 May 2017

We Will Stop Any Coup Attempts

The national leader of the Congress of All Progressives, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu says that the nation will never allow the military to re-rule, promising that the coup plotters will be resisted.

Tinubu spoke on Monday at the Special Parliamentary Session to commemorate Lagos at the 50th celebration at the State House of Assembly, Ikeja, Lagos.

He said that Nigeria had gone too far to allow a thing as a military coup to happen again, for such a move would be resisted at all costs.

Tinubu said the news was everywhere that some people were trying to lure the military out of the barracks to make a coup, underlining that such a move would be resisted.

He said that those who thought they could sneak into democracy by which many died and sacrificed their lives for being surely wrong as Nigeria had gone too far for such a thing to happen.

The APC chief said Lagos would never offer fertile ground for coup plotters to come up with their bad ideas, saying the state would resist such a move.

"Some people have been trying to lure the military out of the barracks. I want to lend my voice to this, those who think they can break the democracy that many died, sacrificed their lives are surely wrong.

"Nigeria has gone too far for that thing to happen, these people will not find fertile ground to plant their seeds in Lagos, we will not buy their product, it is a bad product, we reject it, Lagos will resist it, it will move Far from it," He said.

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