Saturday, 20 May 2017

What Killed My Boss - Moji Olaiya's Househelp Speaks

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The help of the late actress, Moji Olaiya, Ms. Keji, has revealed what could have caused the death of her boss.

Ms. Keji, who said she was a close friend of the actress, said her boss may have been spiritually attacked.

She said that in the last three days before dying, the 42-year-old actress had made several calls from her base in Canada to complain about "being uncomfortable."

She told reporters in Lagos: "Your baby was born premature, her EDD was for May 2017, but complications arose that required her to be induced to save the baby's life as well as yours." But since delivery in March , His health had not been exactly perfect. "

She said that around 10p.m. Canadian time (Mo. 3) Moji entered a crisis.

Mrs. Keji, who has been the housekeeper of the actress, added: "Your blood pressure shot up and she became unconscious.

"An ambulance was called to transport her to the hospital. But her case got worse and she left the ghost before they could get to the hospital.

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