Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WHAT!!! See This Top 3 Instagram Sexual Models - SLAY or Trash

Social media has evolved over the years to be not only a meeting place and connection with friends, it has become a global market and advertising platform more recognized.
Services and products are now advertised in the social model with security or reach a large clientele. In the same vein, they are Instagram models that really do not have a particular product to advertise, but yes and their body.

Three notable Instagram models that have a large fan base are:
Eudoxie Yaonice, Roman Goddess and Ifunanya Thompson. These three ladies have one thing in common and that is their hitting bodies. His big chest and heavy backside.
With these endowments, they have become Internet sensations that have more male followers than female followers, who have been closely followed by male celebrities.

Ifunanya Thompson: A lady based in Owerri, who recently caused a stir after posting a photo of herself with Nigeria's Peter Okoye of Psquare fame having fun with friends in a place that looked like a hotel in Owerri. Ifunanya is notorious for posting photos and videos that are very suggestive on his page and we find the famous men who love messages most of the time. Ifunanya has about one hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Roman Goddess: She is about the most gifted in the chest area on Instagram and she never fails to show this off. If Instagram allowed it, Roman would definitely not be shy to model his bare bust for the world to see. Even with censorship, it has left very little to the imagination. The sexual model has more than two hundred thousand followers in GI, more than half of whom are the opposite sex. Your photos are shared from exotic hotel rooms across the country.

Eudoxie Yaonice: A model of Ivory Coast that surprised the continent when it revealed that its heavy backside is the real thing. She was labeled the woman with the biggest ass in Africa, while some tabloids called her the most gifted in the world. Eudoxie has about three hundred followers in IG and her photos and videos are basically from her chest and butts!

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