Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Young widow concocted fake will after older husband left her only £25,000 of his of £600,000 fortune

 The widow of a man 50 years her senior forged a will to claim £550,000 from his estate – claiming she found it in a Doritos bag.

Unscrupulous Marsha Henderson married retired London bus conductor turned school patrolman Newton Davies in 2004, when she was in her 20s and he was 76.

Following his death in 2013 at the age of 85 - and after finding out he had left her just £25,000 of his of £600,000 fortune - she decided to "orchestrate a fraud" in an attempt to bag more than half-a-million pounds.

She "concocted" a fake will, which she bizarrely claimed to have found hidden inside a discarded Doritos bag in the attic of her dead husband's west London home.

Now a judge has slammed her "ridiculous" plot and declared the will invalid, handing the bulk of Mr Davies' estate to his only child.
When the news broke that he had married Marsha Henderson, the daughter of an old friend and a woman 50 years younger than him, it had "come like a thunderbolt" to his family and friends and left them "in a state of shock," the court heard.

After his death, Paulette Davies, Mr Davies' daughter from his first marriage and his only child, insisted her father signed his last true will in July 2011.

In that will, he left his daughter (pictured in the 2nd picture) about £430,000, with £140,000 going to an old friend, while Ms Henderson got just £25,000.

But in the spring of 2015, after learning of the contents of the will, Ms Henderson produced a rival document, dated November 2011.
If that will was valid, it left just £20,000 to his daughter, £25,000 to friends, and the rest - about £550,000 - to his young wife.

Ms Henderson told her late husband's family a "strange" story explaining why the November will had not been discovered earlier.

She claimed it had been found inside an empty Doritos bag in the loft of the dead man's house.

But Judge Gerald has now dismissed her story as lies and the will as a crude forgery, riddled with errors - including mistakenly referring to the dead man as a woman.

Mr Noble said he would be asking for an additional order that Ms Henderson hand over £42,000 rent to Paulette Davies, to cover the time she has been occupying her father's home whilst the row over the wills has been ongoing

Daily Mirror

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