Thursday, 29 June 2017

Australia's Senior Catholic Prelate And Top Aide To Pope Francis, George Pell Charged With Sexual Assault

One of Pope Francis' top consultants and Australia's senior Catholic prelate, Cardinal George Pell, has been supposedly accused of rape. 

Pell, who turned into the most astounding positioning Vatican official as of late, will confront criminal allegations including allegations of sexual offenses. 

"Cardinal Pell has been charged on summons, and he is required to show up at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 18," Shane Patton, the delegate police chief in the Australian condition of Victoria said. 

Patton said there were various complainants yet declined to give additionally insights about them, including their ages.

“The process and procedures that are being followed in the charging of Cardinal Pell have been the same that have been applied in a whole range of historical sex offenses, whenever we investigate them.

“Cardinal Pell has been treated the same as anyone else,” Patton added.

Allegations surfaced that he had sexually abused minors himself beginning early in his priesthood and continuing until he became archbishop of Melbourne. But he has repeatedly denied the accusations.

“I’d just like to restate my innocence,” Pell said in Rome last month, after the police in Australia confirmed that they were considering charges against him.

“I stand by everything I’ve said at the Royal Commission and in other places.”

In a statement Thursday morning, the Archdiocese of Sydney confirmed that the cardinal had been informed of the charges and that “he has again strenuously denied all allegations.”

“Cardinal Pell will return to Australia, as soon as possible, to clear his name following advice and approval by his doctors who will also advise on his travel arrangements,” the statement said, adding, “he said he is looking forward to his day in court and will defend the charges vigorously.”

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