Saturday, 17 June 2017


We’ve got creepy weirdo’s on the side but that’s not the only problem we have with dating app’s; the truth is the description space is quite small… With a few characters you are supposed to describe the amazing, fabulously beautiful and fun you with just a few words (I could use a sad face emoji right here). However there are some things that we really ought to live out of our online dating profile and here they are;
1. A fake Age, weight, height etc. Admittedly you look younger and feel than your actual age and so you turn 40 to 38 and then you say to yourself whats the harm. The gag is simple you are turning an otherwise open relationship into a dishonest one. You don’t like lies? then why should you lie…
2. How Many children you want. Okay so you found a date, well awesome and so you bring up babies (insert crying emoji) No…. lets wait till the 700th date before we approach this subject shall we.

3. A tirade about why you hate dating apps. Do you realize that you are biting the hand that fed you? am sure you don’t well now you know so all negativity should find its way into the dustbin and out of your profile.
4. Your full name, home address and place of work. Gurl you know there are crazies on there, that information becomes available to strangers. Be extra careful with the way you fill up information.
5. Only selfies. Well, that’snot good because one might consider you a narcissist or a weirdo… don’t you have friends?
6. Only emoji’s to describe yourself. Granted emoji’s are cool I could use some here but rather than leaving it up for interpretation, find the right words…
7. That cropped picture. You had your ex in that picture so you cropped him out… well that’s not a step in the right direction, you see your ex might actually stumble on it and besides you need to move on already.
So if you are dating online, try to leave out these information and if you can’t leave out some of the information make sure they are real.

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