Monday, 19 June 2017

Finally!! #BBNaija's Tboss Forgives Kemen And Reconcile

The peace meeting sorted out by writer, Azuka Ogujiuba and Charles Opaleke, a club proprietor in Abuja paid off as BBNaija candidates, Tokunbo Idowu otherwise known as Tboss and Ekemini Ekerette otherwise known as Kemen, at long last accommodated. 

They had not addressed each other since their arrival from South Africa, where the truth indicate occurred. Kemen was charged to have endeavored to strike Kemen sexually and in this manner precluded from the show. 

Review that coming back to Nigeria, Tboss who allowed a meeting to Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, said she could never converse with Kemen again!
She said in the TV programme ‘Rubbin Minds,”

“I considered Kemen a friend. He was my go-to guy. He was my buddy, my muscle. He encouraged me. He motivated me. So for what happened to have happened considering all the people that look up to me, it was sad. I was angry.

I was humiliated and I did feel violated but I don’t play the victim card. I honestly think that the decision that Big Brother took was the only decision that could have been taken. And everything that Kemen has to say about that, na him get him mouth, e fit use am talk wetin him wan talk but he knows and we know.”

Asked if she had seen Kemen after Big Brother House and pretty Tboss said,

“I have seen him a few times but I really don’t want to talk to him because honestly the day you (Ebuka) came into the house with Karen, I was thinking what would happen if I see Kemen because I thought there would be a party after then. I just wanted to slap him.

I think I even said that but then I came out and I said you know what everyone can make mistake because I am an attractive person but then, I come out and I hear the interviews he has given, today he makes an apology and then tomorrow he comes out to say TBoss knows what happened and that if there was no N25 million involved, hopefully she would tell the truth.

What truth are you talking about? You are contradicting yourself.He has called me like over 15-20 times but I don’t want to speak to him. I am not ready because if I talk, I would say the wrong things”

The peace meeting reportedly took place in an Abuja club.

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