Thursday, 15 June 2017

Girl Arrested For Trying To Kill Her Baby Goes Missing With Baby

The 19-year-old youngster, who was captured for endeavoring to kill her two-month-old infant in Ikorodu range of Lagos on Monday, has departed suddenly with the infant once more.

Vanguard announced that the teenaged nursing mother, Adebayo Ayomide, choked the child, dumped her in a shrub in Ikorodu to pass on and fled to Bariga.

The auxiliary school drop-out, as assembled, was impregnated by an additional 19-year-old Tewogbade Martins, who lives at Igi-Olugbin Street, Bariga, with his folks.

In any case, the pregnancy was purportedly dismisses by Martins' folks, who asserted that Ayomide was resting around.

The infant was conveyed at a customary birth specialist, TBA, focus at Onalaga Street, Bariga, after which Ayomide left for Igbode town, Ogun State, where observers said she was seen wandering the avenues.

All the while, one Mrs Ajoke Fatai, who was moved by empathy on seeing that the infant had not been washed in days, took the youngster in. Be that as it may, the young person left Fatai's home last Saturday, with the infant.

Individuals from a vigilante gathering, who were pulled in by development from an adjacent shrub, allegedly went to determine what it was, just to discover an infant, whose head, neck and nose were tied with a bit of fabric, battling for breath.

It was found out that one of the occupants, who perceived the child as Ayomide's, accordingly captured Mrs Fatai, who related how the young person left home with the infant.

Ayomide was followed to Bariga, after two days and along these lines taken to the Bariga Police Division, where she was exchanged to the Gender Unit at the Command central command.

From that point, the youngster and her child were given over to her assumed relative, Mrs Titilayo Tewogbade, to deal with them.

In any case, worry set in yesterday after mother and kid were said to have vanished. Vanguard accumulated that Mrs Fatai was to report at the Command Headquarters with the nursing mother and her child yesterday, from where they would be given over to authorities of the Ministry of Youths and Social Development.

At the point when Mrs Fatai revealed the vanishing to the Police, she was given 24 hours to search for the missing mother and kid.

The Coordinator, Child Protection Network, Shomolu, Toyin Okanlawon, who kept a crowd from assaulting the adolescent on Monday, apparently educated the customary leader of Bariga of the vanishing of the youngster and her infant.

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