Friday, 30 June 2017

How It Happened, Chidinma Okeke Speaks About Her S*x Scandal

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Previous Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, has talked on the sex outrage that about destroyed her life couple of months back. 

There have been distinctive adaptations of what happened between the troubled 20-year-old lovely lady and the coordinators of the event. 

Review that Chidinma Okeke, a previous lovely lady was found in a x-appraised video with a lesbian accomplice. 

Chidinma Okeke, who won the Miss Anambra magnificence exhibition, sorted out by the Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS, has stayed incommunicado. 

She purportedly sought total isolation because of affirmed danger to her life. 

Be that as it may, Okeke has at long last ended her quiet, she spoke In a meeting with The Nation, exposing claims that she debilitated to confer suicide. 

Portraying her own side of the story, the previous lovely lady stated, "Early a year ago, the ABS publicized for the Miss Anambra excellence exhibition. I knew about it and went to make enquiry. 

"My flat mate was additionally intrigued, yet one of the coordinators instructed me to apply. I revealed to them I was not intrigued but rather the man demanded that I may win the opposition. 

"He additionally guaranteed to give me the frame for nothing in the event that I showed intrigue, and he did when I consented to challenge. 

"Yet, one Jane revealed to me that before a champ would be announced, there were sure things to be done, including the (sex) video. 

"I agreed after some influence from the coordinators. I later went for the challenge at the Marble Arch Hotels in Awka, and I was pronounced victor with a Kia Rio vehicle as star prize. 

"When I went for my auto after the challenge, the coordinators drawn out an agreement frame for me to sign, yet I revealed to them I needed to contact my legal counselor to see it. I was not given the chance to do as such. 

"What they continued letting me know was that in the event that I demanded not marking the agreement or needed to contact my legal advisor, they would discharge the video. 

"By then, I wound up plainly awkward and marked the agreement to dodge such humiliation, and the auto was discharged to me from where it was stuffed inside the premises of ABS. 


"From that minute, I turned into a slave to them. On October 11, 2016, they called me to come and make introductions inside the workplace of one the coordinators. From that point forward, the man pardoned a few people in that room and demonstrated to me the video once more. 

"They instructed me to drop my auto and expelled my crown from me. I revealed to them I would take the auto as stipulated in the agreement. They demanded I should pack it in the premises of (ABS). 


"I educated my uncle in Abuja regarding the circumstance. My uncle called them and requesting that they discharge my auto to me. Rather, they sent the video to him as a major aspect of the coercion. That was what happened."

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