Friday, 9 June 2017

American Singer, Mary J Blige To Pay Husband $30,000 Monthly In Temporary Support Of Husband

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American singer-songwriter, Mary J. Blige has been ordered to pay husband and former manager Martin "Kendu" Isaacs $30,000 (approximately 10 million in Naira) a month in temporary support of the spouse.

While the two do not have biological children together, the significant chunk of change is to accommodate the "lifestyle" Isaacs was accustomed to while he was married to Blige.

E! News obtained the documents, which also indicate that the singer must pay retroactively dating back to September, as well as counting his attorney fees for a total of $ 235,000. .

Mary J. Blige asked for Isaacs' divorce in July 2016 after 13 years of marriage. She argued that her prenuptial agreement denied the spouse's support, while Isaacs originally sought $ 129,319 per month. .

"My success as an actor has nothing to do with Isaacs. I've been successful when I met him and I've continued to enjoy success, though there have certainly been ups and downs," Blige said.

The Grammy-winning singer also explained that she was in debt, as she did not make money from the European stage of her recent tour. "[Isaacs] suggests that we live a luxurious lifestyle and in fact, we overspent and we are in significant debt," he said in court documents. .

"Blige, 46, also claimed that Isaacs had been appropriating money - about $ 420,000 to be exact - for two years when they were together." We owe millions of dollars in taxes and have significant advances that have to be recovered by record companies. .

This allegedly involved "travel charges" for his girlfriend. A source told Us Weekly Blige that he filed for divorce because his celebrity status was at the head of Isaacs. "Kendu got used to the good life with her and thought she was a star too," said a member of the network.

Blige told Robin Roberts in November, "The breaking point was when I kept asking for respect and being respected." And it seemed like I was talking to a wall. That I go forward and save myself. "

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