Monday, 5 June 2017

Nigerian Man, Discovers Baby Isn’t His, 6 months After Proudly Son To The World

Just 6 months after he proudly announced the arrival of his son with his South African girlfriend, a Nigerian man Oba Don, has led to Facebook to report that he has just discovered that the baby is not his.

Here is his story;

"God !!! ... +++ Public Notice: Guys please be extremely careful that you sleep (make love) with Oh! Because she might love you Bcos of your fame of money N, so do it Go on any length you are responsible for your pregnancy.Please make sure a DNA test is performed after the child is born oh, before taking or accepting the responsibility of the alleged child Oh.

Do not be a fool Ok.Some girls n Not all anyway, you can do anything N swear with your blood that you are responsible for your pregnancy Bcos knows that U are rich N will be able to care for the child in Future.Am Ever Ever Who will regret this Bcos is never too late for me, what if I have to find out after 10 years or 18 years of spending my hard earned money to raise the Nkon child? ... Na eb say I'm going to drink poison that is oh.

I am discovering early N took a bold step to perform 2 major DNA blood tests from 2 recognized Diff laboratories in South Africa.Please if she tell you say Na U get Pikin Abeg my brother say am say U Don Hear Say A Go Do Test DNA After she was born Oh, before U Start fully engaging Oh ... Be wise N Learn from other people Error bra! ... I'm a bit choppy Bcos I spent about N2.5Million during your period of pregnancy as support n after the child's birth.

I am grateful Dat I have all proof of payment Transfer to your account for maintenance n All school fees I paid for it during your study at Rosebankcollege excluding money for Uber Rides n data / Airtime ... Hmmm is really a Wicked World.She did this Bcos thought I'm going to marry her if she tells me she's pregnant! .Hmmm The things that girls can do Eh.Smh..Ama fight n Sue The family for repayment.

I am grateful I have all the evidence n Proof of all payment transfer I made your account for maintenance n as a support. I DO NOT GET BABY MAMA OH! For those of you who have not done DNA testing please my Brother Go N do it Oh, it's important before it's late

He also shared photos;

He also shared photos of the South African lady that said he was responsible for her pregnancy, and wrote;

“This Is the South Africa Girl Oh Dat Told Me Am Responsible For The Pregnancy Oh,N Made Me Spent Hell Taking Care of The Pregnancy Till She Delivered n After The Child Was Born N All Dat.Please For Those Of You Confusing My Wife To Her.She Is The Fake Baby Mama Oh n Not My Wife oh.Read and Reread again before asking question ok.####DontConfuseMyWife2HerBiko###DNATEST###”

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