Tuesday, 20 June 2017

See Fashion Designer, Uche Nnaji's Response To Staff Who Took Excuse For Coming Late To Work

Nigerian big name designer, Uche Nnaji, have taken to online network to demonstrate how "irate" he was subsequent to discovering that his staff took a reason to come late to work, since she needs to go to an early morning church benefit.
According to Ouch boss, religion keeps “killing brains from the black race”, here’s what he wrote;
“So this morning I learnt one of our staff called yesterday morning to say she would be coming to work late and her reason???
She had to go for a church service on Monday morning .
Who do I get upset with…
1: The salary earning staff who would be quick to blaming and maybe insult the Nigerian govt for not providing jobs
2: The Pastor who asked or authorized people to be in church on a Monday morning ?
3: Religion that keeps killing BRAIN from the BLACK race ?
4: The Nigerian family set-up that has not allowed YOUTHs to become completely independent at 25, so that they know nobody is there to pick their bills?”

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