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See The Mansion, Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Built For His Mother In Nnewi

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An visit to Akamili, Umudim in Nnewi, the main residence of the feared grab boss, Mr. Chidumeme Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, has uncovered that an eminent property in the lady home compound of his mom, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, was worked by the mother.

What's more, after the vast number of individuals trouping into a mandate has been given by pioneers of the group to their kin not to answer additionally inquiries from guests concerning Evans and his family. 

The town had turned into a Mecca of sort since the capture of Evans at his Magodo habitation in Lagos, as guests have been setting off to the range for one request or the other. 

Two days after the capture of Evans, individuals in the territory, who were requested the bearing of the home of the Onwuamadikes openly gave the required data and some even volunteered to take the guests to the compound. 

Yet, on seeing the expanding number of individuals going to the group and additionally the discussion that trailed the data gave, it all of a sudden turned out to be more hard to motivate individuals to coordinate the guests, subsequently of what a source said was a mandate by some group pioneers. 

Business cruiser administrators, who were making lively business by taking guests to Akamili, stated, yesterday, that they had been cautioned not to convey guests to the town any longer. In any case, the order couldn't be effectuated as the cruiser administrators kept moving their human freight. 

Be that as it may, to offer teeth to the mandate, it was accumulated, yesterday, that pioneers in the town had taken a choice that anybody observed to be guiding guests to individuals' homes in the zone gambled installment of an unspecified fine. 

The reason, it was assembled, was a result of affirmed clashing proclamations from individuals from the family and the individuals who addressed inquiries postured by the guests. 

One of the clashing explanations was the one purportedly made by Evans' better half, that she was dealing with her significant other's kin. 

Sunday Vanguard was informed this is a long way from reality. A portion of the reasons they gave for their contradicting voice can be situated in what one of the relatives stated: "By what means would somebody be able to we don't know tell individuals that she has been dealing with us? Here is a lady we have no clue about, we don't know what she looks like and we have not seen her some time recently. At no time did we see, hear or take an interest in any marriage ceremonies that would make an individual claim to the spouse of Evans. Individuals can state whatever they like when they have issues. At the point when did we even observe her, not to discussion of the lady bolstering us in this family". 

As indicated by a group pioneer in the zone, a great many people in the town did not know Evans and his better half and asked why his significant other would claim to be dealing with individuals from that town. 

In the mean time, taking after the announcement by Evans father, Mr. Stephen Onwamadike, that his alienated spouse and mother of Evans, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, had such a great amount of impact on his child, and that that contributed incredibly towards the wrong way the ioy toed, it turned out to be more hard to know her where about. 

In spite of the fact that she never again lives with her significant other, she was said to be for all intents and purposes living in her lady home a couple meters far from her better half's home. 

Actually, Mrs. Onwuamadike was accepted to be the provider in her lady home, where it was additionally trusted that the sublime house in that compound was worked by her. 

Notwithstanding, checks in her lady home demonstrated that she vanished couple of days after the capture of her child by the police and fled to an obscure place. 

While a few people in her town, Akamili, Umudim said she was seen in Nnewi couple of weeks prior, others said she ventured out to Lagos few days before the capture of her child.

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