Friday, 2 June 2017

Textile Dealer, Mrs. Taiwo Who Attempted Suicide On 3rd Mainland Bridge Discharged By Court

On Thursday, there was a dramatic drama in a court of Ebute-Meta magistrates after a 58-year-old textile trader, Ms. Taiwo Momoh, was fired for crimes close to attempted suicide.

After the court announced that his case had been dismissed as recommended by the Public Prosecutor's Office, Momoh came out of the dock, knelt and began to give praise to God.

Immediately he left the court, covered his face with two dresses and hurried to the back door of the court.

After opening the doors, a resident asked if she was in purdah, which she denied and fled with her face still covered.

One of his lawyers said he wanted to avoid harassment of journalists and people in the community.

Momoh had accumulated debts of more than N18m after a bureau clerk allegedly fled with money belonging to his Swiss creditor.

His store was also reportedly stolen over time, prompting frustration and depression.

She stated that efforts to see her pastor in God's redeemed Christian Church over her challenges did not bear fruit.

Momoh said he left his house in late March and headed for the lagoon, adding that he had removed his shoes and was about to dive into the water when he was rescued and turned over to agents of the Rapid Response Squad.

Subsequently, the police transferred the case to the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, Yaba, where she was detained for three days.

The case was subsequently charged to the court.

After the first appearance, Momoh asked for help, saying that he could not explain why he attempted suicide.

On Thursday, when the matter was presented for hearing in the magistrates' court, it was represented by two lawyers, F.A. Azeez and Eniola Disu, both of the Office of the Public Defender.

A prosecutor from the State Ministry of Justice, Ms. A.T. Olaleye, announced that the DPP had issued advice on the matter.

"I am being told to report to this court that legal advice has been issued on this," he said.
Judge Tajudeen Elias, after examining the advice in the file, said that the charges had been dismissed.

"On the advice of the DPP, the defendant is discharged and acquitted," he said.

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