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The Five Lessons I Learnt from the Movie ISOKEN

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Have you seen the movie ‘ISOKEN’? If you haven’t, then you need to ASAP. Since seeing the trailer in May, I promised myself to see the movie and I am glad I did. Beautifully written, produced and directed by Jade Osiberu, a Nigerian film-maker, the romantic comedy ‘ISOKEN’ tells a story of self-discovery, stereotype, love, social and cultural norms or should I say nuisances.

Though ‘ISOKEN’ does not give the thrill and excitement as watching ‘The Wedding Party’ did, but it kept me glued and thinking. Who needs the excitement right? When one can learn and apply these five lessons I learnt from the movie ‘ISOKEN’.

Here are five lessons I learnt and hope you learn from it too.

#1 Discover yourself 

Before marriage there is one important task you need to fulfill, though you might the think the task difficult but is easy. All you have to do is to discover yourself, you need to know what your purpose is, how do you view marriage?

The movie‘ISOKEN’ is centered onIsoken, the character acted by DakoreAkande. Isoken a beautiful, young, highly educated and independent career woman, despite her beauty, self achievements and lovely persona was single at 34 and that became a daily sermon in her family home.

She was frustrated because her mother was on her case all the time and she was yet to find the right person to settle down with. Her family especially her Mum, thought she was being silly pursuing her career and not making effort to find a man.

However, interestingly months to her 35th birthday she met with two lovely men. The first one, you could refer to as the ‘Jackpot’ (a tall, dark, handsome, well built and very wealthy man) on point right? and then there was Kelvin,the cool dude, tall, simple, loves the simplest things in life, fun and also a handsome guy.

Watch to see who she picked at the end, but from me to all the single ladies “Be true to yourself, about what you need and want in life, only then can you say you are ready for marriage”.

#2 Never settle in love
It is a common knowledge that when you meet the right person you will know, so why settle for less? Yes, I think it is a common knowledge but how many people actually keep that in mine.

Settling in love, means marrying someone you do not love just to fill the “void”. So, I have heard some people say. I truly do not believe marriage is an achievement, and desperation only open doors to the depression.

Even if the ‘Jackpot’ guy was seen as the perfect choice for Isoken, her life would have been false and miserable with him. Take a statistic of women or men who settled for less in their relationship and marriage, how many of them are HAPPY?

Abeg, single ladies and guys NEVER settle. Wait! for the right person for you.

#3 BEWARE of the kind of friends you keep
There is no doubt that friends play a vital role in our lives. But it is important to keep only the friends that hear you even when you do not say a word.

Isoken had three close friends, the bad, good and crazy, well! Just the way I had like to classify them. Agnes the character played by FunkeAkindele, Kuku played by Lydia Forson and Joke played by DamilolaAttoh.  These three friends all could not notice the dilemma their friend was in, in making the right choice.

Amazingly, theywere oblivious her true feelingsand could not notice the different emotions Isoken expressed while talking about the two men. All they were after was for her to pick the guy who will spent for her. But! in reality is it all about the money? Besides, Kelvin was not a poor guy.

#4 Be YOURSELF Don’t give in to pressure
You don’t need to change, just work hard to find yourself.

When did it become‘reality’ to be fake or to act in ways that do not represents your person. Why will like wear a wig to cover my well groomed natural air, just to fit into the society. I believe, in looking my best at all times, but going out of my style with the intention to attract people, it not my calling.

Isoken was always herself with Kelvin, but someone else when with Osazi. The question, is to be happy and free or to be forced and caged?

#5 You want something? Just Go for it
Kelvin, did not fall my hand in the movie. He did not give up easily on Isoken. He knew what he wanted and he went for it, as he, tried to talk her out of marrying the golden boy.

Many guys see ladies they are interested in but are scared of approaching them with their feelings, or you see ladies in love with a guy but because the guy is not accepted by their friends they act up and finally loose a chance to be with him.

Even as an audience, I could feel the connection between Isoken and Kelvin than I felt between her and Osazi. And Kuku, one of Isoken’s friends did not waste anytime in following her heart.

#Bonus Mothers, do not push your children too far
To all mothers! Please understand your children, their aspirations and desires and support to nurture and help them achieve their dreams. Marriage is not an achievement and should not be treated as one. Sometimes making a faux about your daughters being married by certain age and lead to them making wrong choices.

Mothers, should groom their daughter not only as wives, but as women of true virtue that can stand up for themselves and stand against all odds. 

Blessing Lass
Founder/ Co-Editor
Aure Magazine

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