Tuesday, 27 June 2017

This Result Proves Weed Is Not Always as Harmless as You Think

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The authorization of pot—now affirmed in 28 states in addition to D.C. for medicinal utilize, and in eight or more D.C. for recreational—has touched off contention over the medication's security and impacts. Furthermore, as we announced previously, the entire picture on pot isn't precisely evident yet.

Presently, another investigation recommends that pot won't not be as safe as you think temporarily: Marijuana utilize—particularly in blend with liquor—can expand your danger of causing a deadly auto crash, the examination from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health proposes. 

In the examination, scientists investigated information on 14,742 drivers who were to blame and 14,742 non-guilty drivers from the same lethal auto collisions from 1993 to 2014. They found that 28 percent of the drivers to blame tried positive for liquor, 10 percent for cannabis, and 4 percent for both substances. On the opposite side, 10 percent of the non-culpable drivers tried positive for liquor, 6 percent for pot, and 1 percent for both. 
At the point when contrasted with drivers who tried negative for both pot and liquor, the individuals who had both medications in their framework were six times as prone to start a deadly crash.
Both drugs separately raised the risk, too: Having just alcohol in your system can raise your risk of causing a fatal wreck by fivefold; testing positive for pot can make you 62 percent more likely to be responsible, according to their estimates.
The three most common driving errors that led to these deadly crashes were failure to stay in your lane, failure to yield to right of way, and speeding.
The researchers do point out one limitation to their study, especially in regard to pot’s culpability: Testing positive for marijuana only indicates past marijuana use—not necessarily impairment and the time of the crash. It’s also possible that some people tested positive for pot because they may have been using it for medical conditions which may have affected their motor or sensory functions, which itself could up the risk of crash.

Still, prior research has shown that recent marijuana use—like within the past few hours can increase your risk of causing a crash, likely because it can impair your motor skills and driving performance.
More research is needed to determine how dosage of marijuana affects crash rate, the researchers say. In the meantime, remember these stats next time you’re tempted to get behind the wheel right after you smoke up.

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