Monday, 31 July 2017

27 Year Old Model Forced Strip In Front Of Prisoners And Filmed By Police Officers

Exasperating film demonstrating a model being compelled to run before detainees in a Colombian police headquarters has surfaced on the web. 

The video demonstrates Katherine Martinez, a 27-year-old model, and mother-of-one, presenting herself to officers while she is cuffed to a window in a police headquarters in Cali, Colombia. 

In any case, Ms. Martinez claims she just played up for the video since she was tanked, and was doing as the officers asked with the goal that they would bring her a seat.
Model 'forced to strip' in Colombian police station
She said: ‘All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body. ‘Then the male prisoners began to yell at me, “Yes, yes, lift your dress up.” ‘I remember some things but not everything. I remember them telling me they were filming me.’
She also said the incident has ‘badly affected’ her emotionally.
Cali Police commander Hugo Casas has apologized for his officers’ behavior.
He said: ‘Our police force condemns this behavior and disciplinary and judicial investigations are underway. ‘The officers have been fully identified. One is a patrol officer who drove the woman to the station, but another official is involved for failing to assist her.’ Ms. Martinez is attempting to sue the police officers over the incident.

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