Friday, 7 July 2017

5 Wrong Mindsets That Can Hurt Someone Later

The human mind is powerful. What you think sets the boundary of how far you can go in any sphere of life. It is impossible to outdo your mind.

An understanding of this fact is what prompted Henry Ford to say, “If you think you can do it or you think you can’t do it, you are right.” This further buttresses the fact that your mind plays a vital role in how successful you can be.

However, there are some dangerous mindsets that you should do away with. The reason is that these mindsets can cage you and prevent you from becoming all you have set out to become. The results of such mindsets may not be apparent now, but they will be in future.

Your mindset can either make you or mar you. Here are five mindsets that you should discard, especially if you have an interest in business.

1. Somebody-owes-me-help mentality: Some people believe that it is the responsibility of others to help them. Due to this mindset, they cease to take control of their lives and wait for the assistance.

The problem is that they get disappointed too many times. You cannot afford to place the key to your life’s success and fulfillment in the hands of others. If you will face the fact, nobody owes you anything.

No law says a relation must help you or a friend must repay your good deeds. There is no law – especially in Nigeria – that says the government must provide you with a job. 

You need to realize that you are 100% responsible for the outcome of your life. The earlier you sit up and take charge of your life, the brighter your future will become.

2. Some-people-are-not-wired-for-business mindset: Business is basically about buying and selling. And everybody engages in this trade. For instance, if you have a job, you are selling your skills. Your employer is the buyer, and he pays you for the skills you deploy to the job.

This cancels the notion that some people cannot run a business. Even if you have a job, it is advisable that you have a side business that will bring you extra cash.

Moreover, the business you start can be your biggest job security in today’s world. It can keep you afloat even when your regular job goes wrong.

3. It-doesn’t-work-as-they-say-it-does mindset: Most times, pessimism has no concrete reasons. It is the habit of discrediting and discarding something even before you try it out. Many opportunities that will come your way in life will often seem too good to be true.

A wise person does not ignore them because they do not conform to what he has always known. Besides, what most people refer to as their gut feeling is nothing but fear. People fear what they do not fully understand.

Rather than throw some ideas to the trash can, you can choose to try it out. Some opportunities that seem too good to be true are real and can be stepping stones for you to higher grounds.

4. I-don’t-need-information-to-succeed mindset: People who have this mindset often dislike reading. Unfortunately, information is the livewire of the 21st century. You cannot become relevant in today’s world if you do not keep yourself updated.

And some of the most valuable information you will have will come at a premium. Successful people have realized this, and this is why they don’t hesitate to pay handsomely for a good book or seminar.

You just don’t need any kind of information to succeed in business; you need tested, proven, and accurate information to succeed.

5. I-don’t-need-a-coach mindset: Our generation resents mentorship. Most young people think youthful strength is a substitute for experience, but it is not.

Isaac Newton, the renowned physicist, said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Having a mentor can help you get in a day what it took your mentor months and years to understand. By so doing, you will experience speed and success in any path that you have taken. 

In summary, mindsets have consequences. They also have rewards. No mindset is without a future effect. You are the owner of your mind.

This means you can effect changes in your mind that you deem necessary. Make the changes today and then watch your future blossom.

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