Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Read How This 18 Day Old Baby Died After Contacting Infection Through A Kiss

A US couple has said their 18-day-old infant has passed on, right around two weeks in the wake of having gotten the herpes contamination through a kiss. Nicole and Shane Sifrit took to Facebook to uncover that their little girl, Mariana, kicked the bucket in her dad's arms.

“Our princess Mariana Reese Sifrit gained her angel wings at 8:41am this morning in her daddy’s arms and her mommy right beside her,” the post read, “She is now no longer suffering and is with the Lord. Thank you to everyone who has followed her journey and supported us through this.
In her 18 days of life she made a huge impact on the world and we hope with Mariana’s Story we save numerous newborns life. R.I.P. sweet angel.”

Nicole and Shane Sifrit had just exchanged vows with their six-day-old daughter in attendance when two hours later the newlyweds discovered she had stopped eating and was slow to wake up. They rushed her to hospital.
“It immediately went downhill from there. Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail,” Mr Sifrit told WHO-TV. WQAD reports that Mariana had become infected with meningitis HSV-1, which is caused by the herpes virus.
However, both her parents tested negative for the virus, meaning she got it from someone else. The Sifrit family are now hoping to raise awareness of how dangerous herpes can be for infants.
“Keep your babies isolated, don’t let just anyone come visit them, and make sure they are constantly washing their hands,” the Sifrits said. “Don’t let people kiss your baby, and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

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