Thursday, 27 July 2017

Thousands Of Nigerians Die Trying To Cross The Mediterranean Sea On Their Way To Europe

Sickening photos demonstrating pregnant ladies and youngsters among dead vagrants found in an elastic dinghy has shone a light on the dismal reality of the edgy scramble to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. 

A Spanish philanthropy discovered 167 transients alive and 13 dead in yet another safeguard operation including elastic water crafts crossing the dangerous extend of ocean. 

More than 2,200 vagrants have kicked the bucket attempting to achieve Europe over the Mediterranean so far this year as indicated by the International Organization for Migration - importance by and large 10 individuals a day bite the dust making the excursion.

The latest grim salvation mission was 15 miles off the coast of Sabratha in Libya and the migrants on board were said to be sub-Saharan and the failed journey resulted in more than a dozen deaths. 

As some migrants' corpses lie naked in the middle of the dinghy, others can be seen in the pictures sitting around in life-jackets waiting to be rescued. 

The European Union has extended the mandate of its naval operation targeting migrant smuggling in the Mediterranean until the end of 2018 and tasked it with monitoring illegal oil trafficking from Libya.

Operation Sophia, which has naval ships and aircraft monitoring the Mediterranean, aims to disrupt smuggling networks and train Libya's coastguard as a way of stemming the flow of desperate migrants attempting the risky crossing from Libya to Italy in unseaworthy boats. 

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