Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Glance Into This Centuries Old Northern Fighting Style

Dambe warriors wrap their 'hitting arm' or "lance" in material, bound by firmly tied strings. Previously, they would sprinkle small shards of glass. 

This training has been prohibited. (Ayobami Tzu Macaulay) Dambe is extremely old conventional boxing sport accepted to have a place with the Hausa individuals and is well known in parts of Nigeria, Niger, and Chad.a

A video documentary that explores the sports through the life of a young Dambe fighter.  Contrary to the popular belief that Dambe fighters are usually from the Hausa tribe, Sharrif Gani who is a Dambe fighter from the Yoruba race, shares the  story of how he ended up a Dambe fighter, the history of the sport, the rules and mode of fighting, the cultural impact as well as financial gains of engaging in the sport of Dambe. 

Dambe is a gruesome sport that was initially engaged in by individuals of the butcher caste who traveled in groups from community to community, challenging locals in communities they visit. The sport has elements of voodoo as the fighters subscribe to charms to enhance their chances of not being killed or maimed in the course of the fight, as is often the case.

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