Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Here Is How You Can Overcome Phone S*x Addiction

Many people who are away from loved ones are trying to figure out how to overcome phone s*x addiction. Some people begin having phone s*x to help themselves handle periods of loneliness but for some people the phone becomes a regular part of their s*x rituals.
Some people migrate from phone s*x to video conference s*x because of the added visual stimulation but both vices, while enjoyable, should be performed infrequently to prevent addiction.

Do not discuss s*x when you are on the phone. It sounds like common sense but to someone with a phone s*x addiction, figuring out how to talk on the phone without mentioning s*x is not always easy. Talk about mundane and unsexy topics like work, the weather or money. If your mind begins to wander towards s*x while on the phone, think of something that turns you off. Some people find that thinking of s*x with a particularly unattractive person temporarily kills their s*xual desire.
Keep conversations brief. Remember that phones were invented for basic communication and not as substitutes for real human interaction. Stay away from the phone unless you have to make a call. If you make a call, get to the point, state the facts and politely end the phone call. You can practice making brief business like calls by calling your bank to check your balance or the utility board to check on your electric bill.
Turn off the phone when you feel s*xual. If you feel particularly horny and you are not with your loved one, turn off your phone so you do not succumb to the temptation to relieve yourself with phone s*x. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from your phone. If necessary, self service to relieve your s*xual tension but do so without the verbal stimuli offered on a phone call.
Find someone to have s*x with. If you rely on s*x chat lines for s*xual stimuli then it is time to get out into the real world. Go to a nightclub, have a few drinks and try and find a hot women willing to engage with you sexually. If you have phone s*x with a loved one and are physically apart for long periods that you cannot cope with, then discuss solutions with your female companion. Suggest an arrangement whereby you both take temporary lovers or find causal s*x partners to satisfy your desires and overcome phone s*x addiction.
Volunteer to help the poor. Find a time-consuming volunteer role helping those in need. If you spend hours in a soup kitchen or building homes for the homeless it will tire you out. When you get home and the phone rings you will not have the energy for phone s*x. You will begin to see the phone as a bad thing because phone s*x sounds too tiring. This will help you very quickly overcome your phone s*x addiction.

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