Monday, 28 August 2017

IG User Accusess Fidelity Bank For Allegedly Inserting N200 Notes In His 500N Bundle

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An IG user has called out staff of Fidelity Bank for what can only be termed as stealing.
According to the person, he sent someone to the bank to help him get some cash. The person however did not count the money given at the counter.

Upon getting home, he counted and discovered the cashier had smartly inserted a N200 note inside the N500 notes he was paid with.
Read his post below:
"ATENTION: I sent someone to @FideltyBank to get me some cash, she never bothered to check and count back the money.
I took time to count when she came to me and I discovered that there was a 200naira note carefully selected inside the 500naira notes.
I am not ruling a mistake from the bank officials but why can't they put 1000naira instead of the 200naira? Anyways, it's a lesson learnt though. Always cross check your money thoroughly before you leave the banking hall"

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