Tuesday, 29 August 2017

More Than 400 People Are Dead After Inhaling Toxic Gas At A Jehovah Convention

More than 400 Jehovah witnesses died in the wake of breathing in some poisonous waste at a tradition with more than 7,000 in participation.
As per reports, a few fanatics supposedly assaulted them with lethal gas which influenced their taking in Angola, nearby news media reports.

A witness, Manuel Ricardo who narrated the incident to newsmen said:
”One of the defendants was arrested in one of the bathrooms changing clothes, the other to try to enter one of the ladies bathrooms with the same purpose and the third to transpose the door. Everyone did not show the B.uttons that were distributed to particiP@nts in the event by the organization, and one of them was carrying a paste containing various garments. The toxic substance caused by the fainting, whose chemical composition has not yet been found, was in containers of 750 thousand liters of various colors, scattered in strategic locations, which is already in possession of the experts of the provincial research service Criminal of Luanda and central crime lab.”

The Police said that no deaths have been reported, adding that they are yet to identify the toxic substance which was spread throughout the venue of the convention.

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