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Congrats!!! Blacksatino Covers The September Edition of Redwine Exclusive Magazine

– On The Cover –

Women in the present day Nigeria are becoming more active than yesteryears. Linda Ikeji, Olori Supergirl and others were known for their activeness on social media which is earning them what I say more than a living.

A young award wining media-prenure, journalist and On Air Personality shared some of her experiences and how she made it to the top.
Here we are with BlackSatino   – CEO BlackSatino’s Blog. Enjoy..

  1. Who is Blacksatino?

My name is Cynthia Anuoluwapo Akinyemi, Media-Preneur [An On Air Personality, A Blogger, A Pr Expert and Event Consultant]..
Blacksatino is a Multiple Award Winning Blogger, Phenomenal On Air Personality with Wfm 91.7, TV Personality for Royal Root Television, a Food Scientist by training, Public Relations Officer, Certified Project Manager, Celebrity Compere, Actor and Event Consultant.
  1. Where are you from and your family background?

I am from a Family of 4 Amazing Girls from the beautiful Ondo Town to my Incredible parents Mr and Mrs Bola Johnson Akinyemi.
Born in Lagos State, Studied Food Science and Technology

  1. For how long have you been in the media industry?

I have over three (4) years’ experience writing and editing for online and Presentation on Radio and Television. With Experiences from Exquisite Magazine, Cool Tv, Eko fm [Youth Magazine Prog], R2TV, Star 101.5 FM [Daily Guide With Moyo Oyatogun].

  1. Why did you choose this profession?

I did not choose the profession but the profession chose me, During my Youth Service in NAFDAC Abuja, I always find myself online surfing, Making presentations for my group amongst many other things, then one day, One of my bosses advised that I take it up, She Was wondering what I was doing in the food sector when I had a verse knowledge of Entertainment and Media. Then the Journey Began, I Started Becoming Me.

  1. Do you have a formal media education?

Yes.. I went to the Nigeria Union of Journalists Also Attended the FRCN School on Presentation there after I attended the School of Public Relation [CIPR]

  1. Media they say don’t pay much in terms of financial reward how do you cope?

Media for me is a Passion I never want to stop fuelling. In life, you have to do something not because of the money but for the love you have for it.
I am a child filled with Grace and when you have the Grace of God, things just happen for you without you knowing. I am proud of what I have achieved, never been broke to pay my bills so I would say it is just God

  1. I went through your website how do u manage your work as a radio presenter and content administrator?

When you do what you love, You would Love what you do. I always find myself on my Laptop/iPad/Phone anytime I am not on air, That way getting stories is relatively easy.

  1. Are you married?

No.. Single to Stupor

  1. What challenges do you see with the Nigerian media?

Intervention of Nigerian Government

  1. How can we cub these challenges and what are your efforts towards achieving this?

It is just sad that at this age and time when the entertainment industry is one of the fastest export of Nigeria, that the Government is still not looking towards it. We would keep clamouring and talking about how budgets and allocations can be made to better the Entertainment Sector.
  1. You are hitting 100,000 followership on Instagram soonest with the way its building what’s the secret and are you delighted?

Just like a dream, I remember always collecting any body’s phone and going to follow my account on instagram and today we are celebrating over 100,000 family.. There is no secret, I think people just want to access information better and faster and that is what the page is about. Plus I always say that A Child Favoured by God’s Grace has no Limit.
Our Achievement soo far Includes
Black Satino’s Blog []
-Over 30,000 views in a day []
-Over 100,000 followers on Instagram [Blacksatinoblog]
– Over 2,600 likes on Facebook [Blacksatinoblog]
-20,000 followers on Twitter [blacksatino]
-2000 Whatsapp contacts and Over 1,000 BBM contacts
  1. What advise do you have for upcoming media practitioners like us”laugh”?

Hahahahahaha..You are doing soo well [Super proud of this platform. Please DON’T Stop

  1. Do you believe in that positive change in NIGERIA as a whole? 

Nigeria is a land full of Honey and Gold. With the present disposition of Government, I believe we will get there.. Time is everything
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make it on this platform …

Interview by: Ninalowo Boladale


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