Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Diamond Platnumz Welcomes Son With Side Chick Hamisa

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Tanzanian star, Diamond Platnumz has welcomed a son with his side chick and Tanzanian model, Hamisa Mobetto. The newborn son, Abdul Naseeb Dangote, is named after him.

Diamond, who is in a committed relationship with Zari Hasan, the mother of his two kids, has now confirmed it by sharing a video of the baby boy on Instagram after the news went viral.
According to the details and photos released by a Tanzanian blog, The celeb chronicles, Diamond Platnumz began cheating on Zari over a year ago with Hamisa and ended up getting her pregnant. She recently gave birth to a baby boy and named him, Naseeb Abdul Juma which is Diamond’s real name.
She opened an Instagram account for her son and listed Diamond Platnumz as the father.
Hamisa over the months has shared photos of herself at Diamond and Zari's home which were allegedly taken when Zari traveled out of the country.
Their son recently celebrated his 40 days and Hamisa shared the photos on her Instagram page.
Diamond Platnumz's mom and sister were also pictured at the hospital where Hamisa gave birth which is the same hospital Zari gave birth to her daughter, Tiffah.
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