Monday, 18 September 2017

Kevin Hart Apologizes To Wife For Cheating On Her - See Funny Media Reactions

Kevin Hart took to his Instagram Saturday night to make a very public, albeit cryptic, apology to his wife and kids.

With the apology being the most talked about topic, people on various social platforms have a thing or two to poke the famous comedian’s way.
By popular tweet, Kevin Hart just became the first black man to cheat on his wife

As an American/Igbo man that he is, he apologized to his wife, than pay the blackmail money

So Kevin Hart out here apologizing because he cheated on his pregnant wife and now the mistress is blackmailing him...

Kevin Hart was only touched when his money was threatened. That's the language men speak. Gotta hit him in the pocket.

Because Karma… People think its because Kevin got with his present wife by cheating on his ex (wife) with the present.

Kevin Hart's ex wife, Torrei, is at home right now like... "How you get em is how you lose em sis."

LMFAO , Kevin Hart cheated on his ex wife with his side chick, Eniko who is now his wife, then cheated on Eniko with a new side chick ??? 😩😂

The Kevin Hart situation just show you will lose them the same way you got them. Morale: Don't date someone you took from another 

Eniko was silly to get wifed by Kevin Hart. He cheated on his wife with you. You didn't think that would eventually happen to you?

Then there’re ladies bashing short men.

Someone said Kevin Hart's wife should punish him by putting all his favorite things on the top cupboard 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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