Thursday, 28 September 2017

This 29Yrs Old Lady Has 1 Set Of Triplets, 1 Set Of Twins & 4 Set Of Individual Birth

Photos of a 25-year-old young lady who has 9 children as her story is making the rounds on social media.

The unidentified lady has 1 set of triplets, 1 set of twins and 4 individual births. 
From the photos, it is obvious all her kids were so cute, healthy looking and they dress so lovely. 

The pictures do not really say if she’s married but then, she makes motherhood look adorable, and in one of her posts, she fired some shots at those berate her:
“Folks be so busy making fake pages tryna bash me for having 9 kids but don’t gotta take care of none of them. It’s love knowing that your greatness goes unnoticed by complete strangers… Yes it get hard, yes they work my nerves but I got my kids…
”I see lawyers, doctors & athletes,” 
she wrote.

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