Tuesday, 3 October 2017

32yrs Old Woman And Her 4 Naturally Birthed Babies, After Doctors Said She Cant Conceive

Charlotte Parker, 32,  who gave up hope of giving birth after struggling to conceive and learning that her low egg count meant fertility treatment including IVF could not help her,
defied doctors prediction by falling pregnant with son Lewis — born at 7lbs on September 6 last year. And two months later she discovered she was expecting again, this time triplets. Charlotte welcomed babies Adam, weighing 3lb 11oz, Jamie 4lb 4oz and Ella 3lb 8oz who were born prematurely on August 4, with her 29-year-old Billy and now have their miracle brood at home in Crawley, West Sussex.

She said: “It’s odd now to think back to when we thought having children wouldn’t be possible.
“Having four babies is crazy. There’s lots of feeds with 26 bottles in 24 hours and then changing — it certainly makes the day go quickly!”

Charlotte on when tests first suggested she could never be a mother said: “The consultant said to me, ‘You have an extremely low egg count. It’s so low that IVF wouldn’t work’.

“It was devastating. It felt like our future plans had been taken away from us. I came off the Pill straight away as it was pointless taking it.

“Over the next couple of months I sought advice from fertility clinics by going to their open days.

“Everyone was telling me the same thing — that I had a low egg count and would struggle to conceive naturally.”

The doctors said it was hard to get close to full term in a triplet pregnancy so I was really pleased. They looked tiny, like little dolls, but I bonded straight away.”

“Lewis is a little young to fully understand he has three new siblings but isn’t fazed.
“He likes to go up and peer over their basket at them and say ‘Aww’.

“It’s amazing for us to all be together now as a family after everything. We’re really happy to all be home and feel very lucky to have four happy and healthy babies.”

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